Estate plans aren’t only for the ultra-rich. Probate is an expensive, uncertain, and time-consuming process, whether your estate is worth five hundred thousand or five hundred million.  Worse, probate sends your loved ones, already dealing with losing you, to courthouses to suffer the indignities of our judicial system.

That’s why Dowdall Law Offices, A.P.C is proud to announce “Estate Planning for the Rest of Us:” plans that focus on the people we know – manufactured housing investors, families, management, affiliates – our people.

We offer personalized “Client first” service, at value, backed by lawyers with decades of experience in your business.  Every family is different, and that’s why, without even requiring an office visit, we customize and tailor our plans to fit your particular wants and needs.

It has always been an honor and a privilege to provide service and advice for your business, and it will be an honor and a privilege to help you do what’s best for your family when you’re gone. A judge shouldn’t decide what’s best for your family, you should.